Scientific Committee
Prof. R. BagheriIPS2022 President Isfahan University of Technology
Dr. T. Behzad, Chair of Scientific Committee Isfahan University of Technology
Dr. M. Masoomi, Chair of Executive Committee Isfahan University of Technology
Prof. M. Nekoomanesh, IPS President Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
Dr. Tayebeh Behzad Isfahan University of Technology tbehzadiut.ac.ir
Dr. Mahmood Masoomi Isfahan University of Technology m.masoumiiut.ac.ir
Dr. Mehdi Nekoomanesh Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute M.Nekoomaneshippi.ac.ir
Dr. M. Nasr Esfahani Isfahan University of Technology mnasriut.ac.ir
Dr. Saied Nouri-Khorasani Isfahan University of Technology saiediut.ac.ir
Dr. A. Fakhar Isfahan University of Technology a.fakhariut.ac.ir
Dr. M. Sadeghi Isfahan University of Technology m-sadeghiiut.ac.ir
Dr. K. Shams Isfahan University of Technology k_shamsiut.ac.ir
Dr. Nasrin Etesami Isfahan University of Technology netesamiiut.ac.ir
Dr. Peiman Mosaddegh Isfahan University of Technology mosadeghiut.ac.ir
Dr. Mohammad Dinari Isfahan University of Technology dinariiut.ac.ir
Dr. Hossein Tavanai Isfahan University of Technology tavanaiiut.ac.ir
Dr. Sedigheh Borhani Isfahan University of Technology sborhaniiut.ac.ir
Dr. Hossein Fashandi Isfahan University of Technology h.fashandiiut.ac.ir
Dr. Mehdi Karevan Isfahan University of Technology mkarevaniut.ac.ir
Dr. Ismaeil Ghasemi Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute I.Ghasemiippi.ac.ir
Dr. Amir masoud Rezadoust Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute A.Rezadoustippi.ac.ir
Dr. Shervin Ahmadi Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute Sh.Ahmadiippi.ac.ir
Dr. Mohammad Karabi Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute M.karabiippi.ac.ir
Dr. Hmid Mirzadeh Amirkabir Unversity of Technology mirzadehaut.ac.ir
Dr. Fatemeh Goharpay Amirkabir Unversity of Technology goharpeyaut.ac.ir
Dr. Hamid Yeganeh Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute h.yeganehippi.ac.ir
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Beheshty Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute M.Beheshtyippi.ac.ir
Dr. Haniyeh Shaki Golestan university h.shakigu.ac.ir
Dr. Ahmad Reza Bahramian Tarbiat modares University abahramianmodares.ac.ir
Dr. Mehrdad Kokabi Tarbiat modares University mehrirmodares.ac.ir
Dr. Mehdi Abdollahi Tarbiat Modares abdollahimmodares.ac.ir
Dr. Mohamadreza Kalaee Islamic Azad University - Tehran center branch mohammad.kalaeegmail.com
Dr. Hamid Garmabi Amirkabir University of Technology garmabiaut.ac.ir
Dr. Vahid Haddadi-Asl Amirkabir University of Technology haddadiaut.ac.ir
Dr. Naser Mohammadi Amirkabir University of Technology mohamadiaut.ac.ir
Dr. Reza Bagheri Sharif University of Technology rezabaghsharif.edu
Dr. G (Hamzeh) Hashemi Motlagh University of Tehran ghmotlaghut.ac.ir
Dr. Mohammad Najafi University of Tehran najafi.mut.ac.ir
Dr. Milad Mehranpour Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch milad_mehyahoo.com
Dr. Hamed Salimi Kenari University of Mazandaran h.salimiumz.ac.ir
Dr. Ali Zarrabi Eng. & Nat. Sci alizarrabigmail.com
Dr. Moahammad Reza Moghbeli Science and technology mr_moghbeliiust.ac.ir
Dr. Omid Moini Jazani University of Isfahan o.moinieng.ui.ac.ir
Dr. Somayeh Taymouri University of Isfahan s_taymouripharm.mui.ac.ir
Dr. Fatemeh Rafiemanzelat University of Isfahan frafiemanzelatsci.ui.ac.ir
Dr. Mohammad Heidari-Rarani University of Isfahan m.heidariraranihttp://ispst.ir/files/0allsites/images/em_sign.pngeng.ui.ac.ir
Dr. Amir H. Navarchian University of Isfahan navarchianeng.ui.ac.ir
Dr. Parvin Asadi chaleshtary University of Isfahan asadipharm.mui.ac.ir
Dr. Abbas Mohammadi University of Isfahan a.mohammadisci.ui.ac.ira.mohammadisci.ui.ac.ira.mohammadisci.ui.ac.ira.mohammadisci.ui.ac.ir
Dr. Rasoul Esmaeely-Neisiany Hakim Sabzevari University r.esmaeelyhsu.ac.ir
Dr. Fatemeh Arabgol Imam Khomeini International University - Buin Zahra arabgol54yahoo.com
Dr. Farhang Abbasi Sahand University of Technology  f.abbasisut.ac.ir
Dr. Hossein Roghani Mamaghani Sahand University of Technology  r.mamaghanisut.ac.ir
Dr. Mehdi Salami Kaljahi Sahand University of Technology  m.salamisut.ac.ir
Dr. Javad Foroughi Australia foroughiuow.edu.au
Dr. Alireza Froozani Behbahani IACM-FORTH, Greece af.behbahaniiacm.forth.gr
Dr. Mitra Tavakoli Yazd University mtavakoliyazd.ac.ir
Dr. Mohammad Reza Nabid Shahid Beheshti University m-nabidsbu.ac.ir
Dr. Mahnaz Shahzamani Jihad Training Center Isfahan University of Technology m.shahzamaniacecr.ac.ir
Dr. Mehran Hayaty Malek Ashtar University mehayatyyahoo.com

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Fri, Jun 2, 2023   |   فارسی

Seminar Poster

Approved by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Important Dates

  • Extended abstract submission deadline:
                  16 Aug. 2022
  • Abstract acceptance notification: 
                   Sep. 2022
  • Early registration deadline:
                   ​​22 Oct. 2022
  • Conference dates:
             ​​​​​​8-10 Nov. 2022

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